8-19-12 Sunday (Better Than Watching Paint Dry)

It’s been a great weekend.  It started with our Saturday morning delivery of the washer and dryer. 

2012-08-18 001Above: Bye bye old crap.

h.h.gregg electronically called the night before stating the delivery window was 8:53 – 11:53am.  Bizarre but I’ll take it.  Sadly, with the new washer in place, I started a load of laundry immediately.  Jim and I watched the cycle for longer than I’d care to admit.  “Ooooo, look what it’s doing now.”   “Wow, that’s weird.”  “That’s cool.”  Exciting.  Maybe I’ll film part of the cycle and post it in the blog.  Or maybe not. 

2012-08-18 003

The dryer is nice but the lint filter is annoying.  Maybe even enough to return the dryer.  While trying to open the damn thing, lint is flying all over.  Closing it takes squeezing it in 3 places to snap it together.  Since all of this  isn’t mentioned nor pictured in the owner’s manual it’s even more frustrating.


2012-08-19 008Above: The lint goes down into that plastic case.  Instructions on the lint filter itself read “clean before each load”.

Saturday night we met up with new friends, Doug and Dave, for dinner at Savor Café.   We all enjoyed our dinners.  Turkey burgers, meatloaf and a pimento cheese fried chicken were among our entrees.  Next we had a discount coupon for mini-golf and go karts.  Off to Adventure Landing we went.  This place has recently undergone a name change.  Probably ownership as well.  Some of it was being remodeled.  Some was worn down.  We had fun though.  Isn’t that what counts?

I took one photo of Dave and I which came out horribly blurry.  I took another of a praying mantis. 

2012-08-18 004

That’s it for photos.  Just having met this couple, I thought it might have been a little weird to snap photos of them and us.  It turns out they usually do the same but also refrained so next time there will be lotsa picture taking. 

After the entertainment we returned to Savor Café for cocktails, coffee and dessert.  Mmmmmm.  They do have some good desserts there.

Beth has been on blood thinning medication because of the blood clot in her lungs that she suffered with several months ago.  The doctor said no alcohol during recovery.  This afternoon we celebrated her full recovery with brunch at Mimi’s.  Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Service was an issue.  We waited and waited for a table.  Jim noticed that quite a few people who came in after us were seated before us.  His inquiry led to the fact that somehow we kept getting skipped.  We got seated with an apology.  Next the server took a long time to come to the table.  He arrived, took a drink order but was short my water and said he’d be back.  It took a really long time to get that.  One of the other tables behind us were seated and soon after got up and left.  We think its because our server didn’t make it to the table?  The food was yummy and by the time we got our buzz on, service didn’t quite matter.

We stopped into an h.h.gregg to check out the other dryers.  All the Samsung dryers had that ridiculous lint screen.  We might return the damn thing and pick up a different brand.  We’ll see.  Maybe I can “master” cleaning the lint filter without getting it all over the place.  Over the weekend I did like 5 loads of laundry.

2012-08-19 006Above: Dasher: Just for the hell of it.

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  1. Those are some snazzy looking appliances! Sorry you don't like the dryer, though. :(


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