8-12-12 Sunday (Purchase Excitement)

My Mom and Aunt have booked a flight for a visit toward the end of September.  If you remember, they cancelled the last time back in April.  They’ll come together but my aunt will leave a week later; my mom will stay a week longer.  I’ve had a list of things to do going for a while now.  A trip here, a visit there.  We’ll keep as busy as she wants to.  If they just want to “relax” then that’s cool too.  I’m gonna take off a bunch of 1/2 days from work.

Sometime during the week a filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding the brakes on the Jeep.  Aside from the original visit, they’ve made 8 repair attempts to fix these noisy brakes.  Beth has been driving it for a couple of weeks and confirms that they squeal at nearly every stop.  I’ve requested a refund for 2 visits in which I’ve paid for pads, rotors, calipers and brake lines.  We’ll see what happens.

If you’ve been cruising my blog for any length of time you know that I typically have my camera with me AND that I love photographing obscure, funny or weird stuff.  I have tons of photos over the years.  I worked on uploading more of my “funny and unusual photos” to Facebook.  You can see them HERE (a new window will open) without having a Facebook account.  Like magic or something.  Be warned, there’s 435 photos of goofiness.

On Saturday Jim did some organizational projects.  He hung up some more slat-board, this time in the guest room closet.  It’s to hang our tablecloths.  We keep our tablecloths on PVC pipes so that they don’t wrinkle.  We simply unroll them onto the table, wash them, roll them back up.  They never need ironing.  I think Jim spotted this idea on some HGTV tip.  I can’t remember.  We’ve done it this way for years.

2012-08-11 001

Don’t hate.

It took a few weeks (June 30th - July 29th) but Mazda of South Charlotte posted our delivery photo on Facebook.  I was beginning to wonder why we hadn’t appeared.  I was about to get a complex.

Mazda Delivery

Jim and Beth went to a Def Leopard, Lita Ford and Poison concert tonight.  They said it was awesome and they had a great time.  I don’t do concerts.  I find myself disappointed when the music doesn’t sound exactly like the radio edit version.  Yeah, I’m strange but that’s OK.  I’ve been to two concerts that I remember.  KISS when growing up and a Madonna concert with Jim.

My new cookbook arrived!  Ruby Ann’s Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook.  I’ve wanted this cookbook for a long time and finally decided to get it.  I love the humor in it.  I’ve mentioned this cookbook in the past – click here.  It will be display in the RV.  Maybe even used.


Sunday was a fairly laid back day.  Jim slept in late due to last night’s concert.  Once showered and ready, we did our typical grocery shopping.  Afterwards we headed to the Sear Outlet/Clearance store.  They typically have appliances that are discontinued, damaged or returned by the buyer.  I want a new washer/dryer.  Maybe even need. Their prices were negated by the delivery/setup fees so we didn’t feel as though we were getting a great deal. 

Our washer was a front loader Craigslist deal for $240 for the set.  It washes horribly.  It never seems like it gets into between cycle spins and the pump is very noisy.  The repair guy said all is fine other than the pump noisy.  It doesn’t clean well.  Stains don’t come out.  Spots where I’ve  pretreated still have soap residue.  It’s not very large and never seems to use quite enough water.  I’ve owned 2 front loaders prior to this and never had issues with it’s performance.  My only bitch about front loaders is the odors from the door gaskets.  I have to clean/bleach them often.  I have to leave the door open to help stop mold.  The whole thing blows.  As for the dryer it recently started to rattle and of course it’s too small to accommodate the larger washer. 

We went on to h.h.gregg.  They had the top Consumer Reports rated washer, an LG 3.7cu ft.  Jim spotted a Samsung deal that included a $200 mail in rebate when buying a washer and dryer.  It was more money for the unit but at 4.7 cu ft seemed much larger.  The Samsung was the #2 rated washer.


They also had free delivery.  Jim mentioned we had a Lowes 10% off and they honored that.  h.h.gregg will make deals!  Although we spent more than I thought, it was a great deal for an excellent washer.  Even the reviews are awesome.  I know I’m getting old when I’m excited by a washer purchase.  Delivery is Saturday!



The inside looks like a cheese grater although it’s gentle.

On the way home we caught this:

2012-08-12 002

A box truck with a car kind of hanging out of it and towing another car.  Hardly seem safe.


  1. Hey, its Gabi, your wonderful cousin from the Big Apple. Just so you're aware, your mother and aunt are probably going to just want to relax. Don't hold your breath for any fun trips to this place or that place. If my experiences at their houses are any example its usually them inside, Dad and I outside, Bill complaining to everyone lol. Have fun though!!

  2. Gabi and Uncle JoeFishAugust 24, 2012 at 1:54 PM

    and Uncle JoeFish says Hi!! :)

  3. Gabi, good point cuz. I'm gonna sure try. Hi Uncle JoeFish!


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