1-11-13 Monday (Paved Paradise To Put Up A…)

We attended a community meeting about a greenway that is being planned for our immediate area.  When I say immediate, I mean immediate like in our backyard.  The “tree save” area we were told could never be built on is being built on.  So we humans can be more in touch with nature and such, we’re not going to bother putting sidewalks outside of our development where people constantly walk on the road.  We’re going to cut down a beautiful wooded area and install a 10 foot wide asphalt walking/biking/hiking path.  How lovely.

During the questions/answer portion a few people express concern, some expressed delight.  The ones who were happy probably weren’t going to have a greenway in their backyard.  Jim mentioned that and a couple of people said they were apprehensive at first but it’s been “so wonderful”.  Others spoke about how people/relatives they know that live on a greenway end up with things missing.  We just care about the wildlife and seeing trees and not people.  Now it’s like having a sidewalk in front of and in back of our house.  We’re going to consult a real estate attorney since we’ve found this has been in the works for a long time and it wasn’t disclosed to us during purchase.  There goes paradise…

EditedAbove: Clicking on image will open a larger version in another window.  The yellow/red star represents our house.

A reporter asked Jim if she could quote him in the paper.  I would have included a link but this article hasn’t been posted online:

Observer Jim 1 of 2

Observer Jim 2 of 2I had to cut off a few lines because the article was longer than my scanner.

I’m trying to catch up.  The next entry will be about Grandma’s 80th birthday party and how she rode a pony… 


  1. That really sucks big time. I can understand why you are concerned. Who wants a parade of people always walking past your backyard. It is just wrong that it is put in a residential area.
    On the other hand, I can't wait to see Gramma on a pony !!!

  2. yeah, i'd be a little disturbed about it as well, if only because i could no longer be naked in the rooms facing the back without thinking someone was standing out there watching me.

  3. I was wondering where you'd gotten too. I think when I flew in from Michigan we came out of the clouds right over the Fells Wargo campus, which made me think of you. It was 10 at night, or I would have tried to spit on your car.

    If they're going to put that greenway through (and they will), it's time for you guys to plant a privacy hedge that'll grow 7 feet tall. Then you can still see the trees on the other side, but not the people walking by.

    1. LOL re: spit. Such a lesbian... ;-) We ladies don't spit.

      Anywho, yeah we're thinking we need a hedge. What do you recommend?


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